Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Saints and Swords

First Post!

A bit about me: I'm in my 30's and have a 10 year-old son that, 2 years ago, first got interested in 40k. I've had my hand in 40k since the first Rogue Trader edition (while in high school) but I dropped the hobby due to not having a consistent pool of gamers. So 2 years ago, Battle for Macragge came out and my son pushed (didn't have to push much) to try it. We bought the set and he promptly lost interest :)

Fast forward a couple more years and 5th Ed is out, I make my regular visit to the GW shop in the local mall - I've never stopped picking up the occasional White Dwarf - and my son gets roped into another intro game. Aside from (IMO) the improved rules, I was really impressed by the quality of the Blackreach set so... I decided to get back into the hobby for myself. Starting with the Blackreach set but quickly getting pulled in neck-deep.

So, I've always been about the coolness of a thing... the wickedness, the sickne.. that doesn't work.

Lets apply that to this hobby, I'm more about the coolness of the army rather than the winningness (made that word up) of it. Which brings me to my army selection. Dark Angels of course. The sinister, brooding, perpetually grumpy group in robes. yep, cool to begin with but again I need to be a little bit different. From the start, I've had it in my head that these guys will be just a bit more baddass than DA.. except I haven't yet decided how that'll manifest. I'm happy for now to start with a DA as a successor that stuck more to the pre-heresy black for its paint scheme. And they would use swords/edged weapons as a big influence in their iconography and culture (i know, THAT is not very original, but still cool).

Kensei is a japanese term denoting legendary skill in swordsmanship (but also sometimes in empty hand). Translated, it tracks roughly to "Sword Saint" A very cool concept, and one that I wanted to carry over to my chapter. And so as a start the chapter name "Blade Saints". So coming up, I'll post my follow through on what I hope is a kick-butt chapter.

Thanks for dropping by, hope you enjoy what comes next.

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Admiral Drax said...

Welcome aboard. This is a pretty friendly group, I'm pleased to say...

- Drax.

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