Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blade Saints Veterans WIP

Over the course of the repainting project of my Blade Saints, I've completed step 3 as described in my last post on my entire army. Before going into the nit-picky process of repriming all my black parts again as described in step 4, I figured I'll leave the standard marines a while and do my veterans before I move on. The beauty of this process is that even at this stage, with the whole army at the same level of completeness it's a very respectable army to put on the table.

My veterans are the Dark Angel robed models, and painting these deviates from the standard process after step 3 so I figured I can take a "break" of sorts from the rank and file and concentrate on 11 models. Here are a few pics of their work in progress, armour done and outside of the robes done.. left to do are the details and the inside of the robes.

Brother Sargeant Timeon and his Devastator Longsword

Brother Sargeant Arbalon and his Tactical Blade combat squad leader

Brother Sargeant Hezekiah and his Tactical Blade combat squad leader and Plasma Gunner

Thanks for stopping by. As always, all comments and feedback welcome.


RonSaikowski said...

Those guys are looking really nice.

I'm tempted to try it on one of my old minis just to see how it works.

jabberjabber said...

You've reminded of just how cool those robed DA veterans look. They make pretty great additions to most marine (loyalist or chaos) armies. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Peter said...

I love the DA veterans i may just buy some and paint them up for the sake of them, I can't think what his name is (something the fallen angel) looks like he's out of the matrix I'd love to model him so i looks like he's jumping to the side or something

Anonymous said...

These fellas look great. Can't get enough of the DA Veterans!

Anonymous said...

You see so many people using the DA Veterans that you forget how nice those models are but you've reminded me quite succintly with these. They look real nice and I hope they perform just as well on the battlefield.

Joel said...

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