Monday, November 3, 2008

FtW November Challenge Plug

I’ve recently linked up with the FtW Blogger Group and I’m REALLY looking forward to being a part of the community and (hopefully) making a contribution to it. The FtW Blogger Group will not only like each participating blog together but will also initiate activities that members will participate in:

“A weekly Round Table discussion where you can throw your 2 cents in with the thoughts of the FtW bloggers on a different 40k topic each week. Each weekend, a new topic will be put up for everyone to comment on and see what others are thinking. From tactics to tips and everything in between, each week will be something new.

In addition to the weekly Round Table discussions, each month the FtW bloggers will be given a challenge. As a reader, you'll be able to follow along here and on their individual blogs and then see the results when it's all done. From contests, to downloads to step by step articles, you'll benefit from all of it and seeing what the guys come up with.”

So this month’s Challenge and this week’s round table feel to me fairly over my head as a newly returning player; the round table is to discuss any pre-game routines. The Challenge is to create your own 40k scenario. As previously mentioned, I am definitely out of depth on the scenario creation as I haven’t played any of the 3 x 3 combinations more than 3 times each.

That said I am very much looking forward to the output of this group because – from the inside looking out – it is a great collection of collaborative minds. I’ll put in my two cents into the Round Table though, but I know it’s a function of my lack of familiarity with the rules... That said I’ve committed myself to doing my best to contribute to the group and not just be dead weight.

So, thanks for dropping by, come back soon for my description of my own brand of pre-game strangeness.

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