Saturday, November 15, 2008

FtW Round Table - Core Units - Command Squad

Continuing from this week's FtW Round Table Discussion on the one must-have unit that is always included in the army list. Mine is the Blade Saints Chapter's first company(sword) command squad.

The Archons of Battle, the Heavenblade Command Squad: Terminator Scythe Titus

Brother Sergeant Titus w/ Twin Lightning Claws

Brother Apothecary Saul w/ Storm Bolter and Powerfist

Scythe Brother Balan w/ Storm Bolter, Chain Fist and Cyclone Missile Launcher

Scythe Brother Nebiros w/ Twin Lightning Claws

and you've met Scythe Brother Silas, Standard Bearer w/ Twin Lightning Claws

I've just added the Brother Apothecary Saul and he's already made himself felt in the first battle yesterday.

I've mentioned in/on various posts this week, but this squad is hell incarnate in close combat, and still effective in ranged combat.

Attached to Malthius (Belial), Sword Master of the Heavenblade Company, and getting into close combat on the charge this squad does the following carnage:
Malthius will bring 6 attacks on Initiative 6: 4 +1 for the charge, +1 for the standard. The Lightning Claws will bring 15 attacks (5 each) on I4: 3 +1 for the charge, +1 for the standard.

That's 21 attacks all with re-rolls to wound... by this time the opponents are thinned if not wiped out (small Termie squads are toast) and the power/chainfist are cleanup, but add to that the Apothecary ignoring 1 failed save and this squad's got staying power.

Thanks for checkin it out.


Admiral Drax said...

Most impressive, Mate - thanks for sharing these fantastic models!

- Drax.

sovietspace said...

Awesome models there mate, a real inspiration to those of us still working through our Terminators!

I'm considering a similar configuration for my command squad. In fact the only difference is that mine drops a set of claws for a thunderhammer & storm shield. Just wondering (as you've actually played with this sort of army) whether you thought a TH is worth the lost attack?

Keep up the good work!

Peter said...

Is there actually a difference between chain and power fists? I'm still in awe of your guys they just look awsome

Malthius said...

Drax; thanks as always for the high praise.

Sovietspace; I've seen the TH/SS as fairly effective for additional vehicle hitting power. But I prefer the lightning claws not necessarily because of the extra attack (though it is nice) but more so for the initiative: I don't play TH's in my squads, but speaking from Initiative 4 vs 1 power and chain fists, I prefer to hit on the 4 and get my swipes in. That's just my gut feeling though.

Peter: the chainfist is treated like a powerfist but rolls 2D6 for the armour penetration value, giving it a better chance to cause vehicle damage.

Once again, thanks for the complements

Peter said...

strength 8(ish) =2d6 amour penetration that brilliant! I might convert one by cutting up a chain sword and green stuffing it onto a normal power fist...